A bit about me..

Hi there 👋

My name is Shannon Wilson, I am 25 and my passion for story telling started with my parents reading me endless fairytales and nursery rhymes 🧜‍♀️ My skills were later fine tuned by my teachers at Chisipite senior and my patient lecturers at Rhodes University 👩‍💻 After freelancing in Zimbabwe for 8 months as a jack of all digital trades, I went to the Netherlands to become Master of some ♦️ Through theoretical lectures at Utrecht university and a practical internship at Kobi Digital in Amsterdam, I have been able to enhance and further my understanding of new media 📲 I have used these lessons I gained in the last 7 years to develop a business that creates fresh, unique content that makes clients and consumers feel good 💁‍♀️

I realised the huge potential there was for social media development in Zimbabwean companies.  Rather then stay in the Netherlands, I decided to come home and start Dela Media in the hopes that it would cater to the digital needs of businesses in Zimbabwe. Dela Media provides a range of digital marketing strategies that aim to develop online presence and build brand identity. This includes a full service strategy in online advertising through social media, promotions, email marketing and lead generation. Our goal is to create captivating content that is carefully curated to your business style and tone through the use of photographs, videos and designs. All packages are cost-effective with visible returns on investments (ROI).