My Journey at Utrecht University

Studying at Utrecht University played a pivotal role in the opening of my business Dela Media. 

Did you know I began putting my business Dela Media together while doing the internship component of my degree at Kobi Digital? All my lecturers realised I was far more interested in the practical application of the theory and encouraged me to pursue these ideas. In doing so, I achieved an 8 for my research essay which formed the basis of how I plan my clients advertising campaigns! I now have a successful business of my own as a direct result of the education I received from Utrecht University.

However, it was not always smooth sailing. I really struggled to adapt to life in the first world. On arrival, I joined the international panel which helped me grow through the frosty winters, learn to love the ever present rain and ultimately feel at home in the Netherlands. It was because of this that I couldn’t bear to part ways with the city and university who gave me so much experience and opportunities. I approached two of my superiors on the international panel and enquired about doing recruitment for the university. As with most things in the Netherlands, ask and you shall receive. It is a land of infinite opportunities and the university is no exception to that. This is not to say there is no work required but if you do the tasks asked of you and then some, there is no end to the options that are extended.

I left a little piece of my heart in Utrecht and I love helping students find their passion in the form of our many degrees. I operate from Zimbabwe but help students from all over southern Africa apply to study at Utrecht University. I could not think of a better university to study, grow and flourish in. I learned a lot about the world, life and myself in my year at Utrecht University, in addition to that, I received a Masters degree from one of the top 50 universities in the world!

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